Audition Information

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We ask that all interested collegiate musicians submit a YouTube video for review—submissions will be accepted October 3rd - December 1st. Each video should be no longer than 15 minutes in length and contain your name, school you are currently attending, classification and all contact information. Please send your information and a link to your video to After the video submissions have been reviewed, e-mails will go out to those being invited to audition only. If you do not receive an invitational e-mail, you are welcome to attend an upcoming audition in person but will be seen on a first come first serve basis. Please understand that we would love to keep everyone; however, we can only build one band and fully encourage those that do not make it through this year to work hard and try again next year. With that said, we are looking for 3 main things in these videos: 1) high degree of musicianship, 2) versatility and 3) personality. Please prepare the following for your video:


  • Prepared Selections: (Required)
    Two classical excerpts
    1. Technical proficiency
    2. Lyrical ability
  • Jazz Improvisation: (optional for Tuba and French Horn)
    1. Play transcription or Jazz Etude
    2. Improvisation (optional)
      Suggestions: Billie’s Bounce, Now’s The Time, Oleo, There Will Never Be Another You, Moments Notice (you may use a play-a-long recording if a “live” rhythm section is not available) Three choruses of improvisation
  • Specialized Chairs

  • Jazz Soloist: (Required for the Jazz Chair)
    Any tune from the jazz idiom that will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of jazz styles and improvisation. (i.e. Nica’s Dream, There Will Never Be Another You, All the Things You Are, rhythm changes and/or Blues in F, Bb or G) Improvise at least one chorus.
  • Lead Players: (Required)
    Select an excerpt that will demonstrate your ability to phrase in a jazz style and play in the upper register. (i.e., shout chorus to Corner Pocket, April In Paris, etc.)
  • Saxophone Doubles:
    Select two excerpts; technical and lyrical; to demonstrate your ability to perform on clarinet and/or flute.


  • Piano
    Prepared Selections
    1. Classical Etude (i.e., Chopin Sonata, etc.)
    2. Jazz Performance
      1. Blues, Rhythm Changes
      2. Latin (Montuno)
  • Bass (acoustic/electric)
    Prepared Selections
    1. Classical Acoustic bass etude (arco)
    2. Walk bass line on the following progressions/tunes: Blues in F, rhythm changes, All The Things You Are
    3. Play the head and improvise on Billie’s Bounce
    4. Play a “funk” bass line in the spirit of James Brown


  • Drumset
    1. Demonstrate the following styles: medium swing, up-tempo swing. Bossa Nova, Samba, 12/8 Afro Cuban, Ballad w/brushes and Hip-Hop funk shuffle. Play each style for approximately 30 seconds.
    2. Play and sing the melody of Billie’s Bounce (distribute the rhythm/melody around the drums, ala Alan Dawson).
  • Quads
    1. Demonstrate the ability to play rhythmic patterns while marching. Stick acrobatics are welcomed and encouraged.
    2. Play improvised solo over drum cadence.
    3. Drumset performance is optional for quad players.