A whole world of opportunities.

While this website focuses on being a part of our on-stage performing cast, there are a myriad of other ways you can make a career in Entertainment with Disney.

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Our on-stage performers are only a small portion of the wonderfully talented group of Cast Members who bring the magic of Disney Entertainment to life.

You'll find more information on how to apply for these roles at one of the following sites:

Stage Management

Our Stage Managers are integral to the operation of our shows, parades, and events. With knowledge in a wide variety of stagecraft disciplines, a Disney Stage Manager is the central hub of communication for each production.

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Technical Services

We produce shows in an unbelievable variety of venues. From parades and street shows, to full Broadway style theater productions, to small atmosphere acts, our technical services group is responsible for all audio, lighting, and staging in our productions... no matter the venue.

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Every performer in every show must look the part. Disney Entertainment Costuming designs, develops, and maintains the look of our Cast Members.

From hair and make-up for our Princesses, to the thousands of unique costumes our Cast Members wear. Our Costuming team helps us to tell the immersive story our Guests have come to expect.

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Scenic Design & Fabrication

Every prop, set piece, and float in any of our Disney shows or parades is skillfully crafted and decorated by our Scenic Design & Fabrication group. This is the team of highly skilled Cast Members who turn the concept drawings and specifications from our Creative Development folks into real life objects for our Guests to enjoy.

Assembled from a wide range of disciplines including sculptors, painters, set fabricators, and many more... this team brings life to the environments that convey a sense of place and theme to our productions.

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Show Support Services

As you might imagine, supporting the hundreds of shows executed at Disney parks each day is a huge challenge. Our Show Support Services groups move people, costumes, instruments, scenery, props, and all manner of related items all over our resorts. Their coordinated efforts to support all the Disney shows and events is a logistical masterpiece.

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Disney is a recognized pyrotechnic industry leader and the world's largest producer of fireworks shows. It takes a large team of highly trained and certified pyro-technicians to execute our many unique shows around the world.

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Creative Development

None of our productions would happen were it not for the creative vision of our producers, directors, artists, designers, writers, choreographers, and all the other dedicated Cast Members who contribute their energy to a production before the first on-stage role is cast.

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